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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fabio on England and world cup glory

These English peasant fools know cazzo! My, how you say, ravioli know how to play better football. You take them out of 4-4-2 and they act like Chez Berlusconi in brothel. They know not what to do! I tell Walcott you come in when the midfield needs, he goes ejaculating on the side, Vaffanculo, Walcott, vaffanculo!! I tell you there is something wrong with you English.

Chez captain Cannavaro he is the man we need. A beautiful man, you would not care if he slept with your wife. In fact I have slept with him and my wife. I was pleased to have him inside me. Many of the Italian team have enjoyed his pleasures; it was the key to success in 2006 . Instead I have to deal with il cazzo Terry and Rio. Who would allow either of these merda’s inside of them? I have had to summon ultimate cunt Carragher to relieve the hatred from the Terry, I sacrifice much for this cazzo. Do not speak of the Rooney. Giving Rooney the captaincy would wipe out the squad, no one would play, and everyone would be as Hargreaves. Perhaps this Ashley Cole, he seems to be a nice boy, but the boy has a face you would like to punch repeatedly till you extract puttanesca from him.

For this reason you must listen to me, we will not be winning the world cup, you tell your sun we will not be winning. You tell them, remove the Venabals from your airways. His shame was complete 12 years ago; do not torture the poor man. It is my time to take the long walk for football; I shall take the burden of your lacklustre team alone. This is the reason you shall see a team filled with Tottenham players, you are used to seeing these players underperform and collapse under pressure. Do not let recent glories delude you, this will occur once more. Perhaps viewing the same lasagne fearing underperformers will ease your pain. Perhaps they will fear the wrath of my lasagne so much that they will perform. Perhaps, do not expect much.

I leave you with these wise words: When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think the sardines will be thrown into the sea. The seagulls follow English pig dogs, they follow!

Following the above statement a local Englishman was asked for his thoughts:
Fucking I-tie woofter. E dont know shite. What kind of nancy boys does E fink E manages? This IS ENG-ERR-LAND prick! We aint gonna take each other up the arse! We only do dat to our sisters! Dirty I-tie. Sack the prick and dump him im in Daggenham, we'll show the spagetti eating twat team spirit till he's shitting spagbol out iz arse. ENG-ERR-LAND, ENG-ERR-LAND, ENG-ERR-LAND, Come on ENG-ERR-LAND

None of the views represented in this post are real. No shit.


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