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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Blow those debts away with JizzO.

Putney, London, United Kingdom. Cumminington technologies, the people that bought the world the revolutionary .Jizz format, announces the launch of a revolutionary new currency, JizzO. The JizzO is a unique currency backed by male fluid extractions. Namely life providing seaman. In times of economic austerity it has become hard for the average man/woman to earn a living salary through norminal means such as a "job" or "property investment". Therefore the economists and scientists at Cummington reasearch have created JizzO the most enjoyable way of earning and spending a living known to mankind. Samples of male sperm will be accepted at all participating banks.

We are pleased to announce progressive talks with Greek authorities to introduce the JizzO as the replacement of the Euro. President Papadoplis of Greece reveals why JizzO is the key to future prosperity of his country:
The Greek people have spoken with their vote and their message is clear, we do not want to pay for our services. We reject austerity. We are the eldest western civilisation, we are above these petty fines known as taxes. The Greek way of life is one of leisure, we do not care about such menial things as financial stabilty. If someone does not pay us we say it's ok, share a bottle of Raki with us and debts are solved. It is the rest of the worlds problem that they do not share this way of life. We will not change! This is why JizzO is the ideal solution it provides a means of exchanging our great natural resource of Jizz and spectacular women for your puny currency in order for us to maintain or glorious life.
FX rates between major currencies and JizzO listed below. Blow your wad with JizzO! 

For regulatory reasons JizzO seaman will only be available for procreation in countries of poor fiscal accountability in order to prevent the possible contamination of financially stable economies. Excessive Jizzing may lead to blindless.

Ejaculate your earnings with JizzO.


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