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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Cleggorn 3 Rise of the FaRAGE

I'm going to be writing this post as a kind of fake live blog. I'm watching the final speech between Nick Clegg and Nigel FaRAGE on whether the UK is better off on or out of the EU. You know my views, if you don't just read the previous post.
The actual debate can be found on the BBC iplayer.

Here we go. 

The bouncing man with the rage begins. Most of our laws are now made in EU apparently. I didn't know the EU set our national budget, our defence policies, our enviro..oh  that one they do. Nonsensical sound bite. However we're not anti-Europe, we want to trade with the EU we just don't want to be in a political union. The political union which is focused on the trade laws that enable us to trade with each other on a fair footing. The laws that would be impossible to police without a political union. Guess what part of that the rage man didn't point out. 

Cleggorn rebuttal..."if its too good to be true it is". We can't trade with the Europe and punch above our weight on the world scale without the EU. BUT YOU DIDN'T SAY WHY YOU FUCK TARD! Answer him point for point.  The world has changed is not a good enough answer. I suppose, "there is strength in numbers", is the only real argument he just made.  

Rage mans idea of birth right that we lose the ability to self govern...he needs to be told that to trade with Europe on our current terms in the single market we would give up our vote to decide what happens in the common market. We trade more with Europe than the emerging world to his other comment.  This is extremely disheartening. Kill the fucker with facts not word play! 

Cleggorn strikes! Yes we need to be in it to reform it! Well done knob it only took you 10 minutes. 

Ooooooook the EU is a danger for peace for their influence on Ukraine?! Fuck me FaRAGE is a twat.  What the fuck Clegg?! You then go talk about Syria...stay on Ukraine donkey. 

What the fuck has anything got to with SYRIA?! When did Syria become part of the EU?! Talk about derailment. Clegg you fucking muppet.  That was about 5 minutes of waste there. 

15 minutes in! Clegg tells us 50% of our trade is with the EU. Well done! Only 15 minutes.  

European Airforce, European Army...errm Nato twat. 

485 million people are aiming to coming to the UK are they? Hmmm...right.  The population of the EU is 500 million including our 63 odd million. So more than the population of the EU are planning on moving here from the EU....ok.

That's a bit racist Clegg, why are you only talking about the Czech's we have in place what about the Poles?! (Sorry slightly bored)

Those housing stats Mr Rage just stated sound very fishy. We need more houses excluding immigration so I'm not entirely sure that has much to do with immigration. 

He doesn't recognise the leaflet from his own party now. Yeah serious politician this guy. 

Cleggorn needs to tell us why we need immigration as well, not just the problems it creates. 

Where the hell are Rage's reports coming from?! The Numpty economic foundation? 

Yes the white working under class Nigel...and yes they've done badly in education...maybe we should do something about that last part that you just waved away?

Some good general blows there from the Cleggeron to point out how much of a small minded little man Mr Rage is. 

Oh Mr Rage knows that London has a poor afro-Caribbean has a poor white working class as well twat. Try not to talk about race dick head, we already think you're racist. 

It's not against EU rules to prevent educating immigrants. That's just fucking retarded Nigel. No you can't say you can't come to the UK cause you can't speak English but you can demand they learn English. 

Needs to talk more about Trans-Atlantic trade agreement. FaRAGE will have literally no come back. We can trade with errrm India and China...oh wait they don't give a shit about us on our own. 

Environment: "This act of unilateralism is hurting us" it's ok for us to do things alone but not for the EU to go alone on environmental goals. What a twat. 

Aluminium smelting....what the fuck, the Chinese do that for practically free dickhead. We don't have an economic advantage in these industrial processes anyway that's why we don't have them here any more. 

Shale gas is being looked at you fucking mong. 

Wow nice example of our representative being asked to leave WTO negotiations...could that be because we had a representative in the EU? Could it be that we get a massive say in how the EU negotiates with the WTO because we're a large member?  

Iceland have agreed free trade with China cause they don't trade that much...ours would be slightly more complicated.  Population of Iceland 320 thousand, population of the UK 63 MILLION. Yes good example Nigel. 

FINALLY! FINALLY THE FUCKING CLEGGORN GETS TO THE POINT! 40 minutes in. Norway and Switzerland are part of the Free trade area, have to pay to be part of it AND Obey the rules that Rage doesn't want and will have to if we still want to be in the single market, which Rage wants and we get no say in what these rules are at all. 

Hey bitch it's not a Customs Union any more, it hasn't been a Customs Union since the dawn of the single market from 1992. BITCH. 

Norwegians do have freedom of movement within the EU and so do the Swiss. BITCH. 

The EU's bureaucrats ARE elected it's just that they're elected by people you elect...the democratic problem with the EU is the degree of separation from the electorate. The EU parliament is elected by you and they have just been given the power to vote for Commissioners. BITCH Cleggeorn should've said that but he's to much of a pussy to point it out. 

RAGE you're lying about your made up numbers so I wouldn't talk about Cleggeron making things up. 

On the referendum: You will give the wrong answer cause your not given all the facts because people like RAGE keep using fake made up numbers to scare the piss out of you. Maybe we should have a referendum and we should exit so we can see the clusterfuck. 

When they vote in Brussels they make laws..OH REALLY?! No shit. Who voted for the people that vote in Brussels? YOU, directly because you vote in European elections right? Oh you didn't know that's what it's for? Oh well, now you do. Enjoy that new found power. 

The single market isn't 500 million people trading unhindered it's not complete yet. There are sectors like communication that are still protected. 

Yes let's talk about the rise of worrying political parties...your party Mr Rage.

Mr Rage doesn't know what would've happened if we joined the one does. The Eurozone crisis might not have ever have happened if we were in it...but he won't say that. 

HAHAHA The common market is out dated now. I don't know where to start there. I wont. 

That's it then. That was a fairly crappy debate. I'm not entirely sure it would convince anyone either way. An opportunity missed. More hard fact bashing down FaRAGE's  reports and made up numbers are needed. I'm disappointed in the Cleggorn..although I might have resorted to swearing and just beating the shit out of Rage so he did well in restraining himself. 

Hope this wasn't too upsetting for you all to read. It probably hurt me more to watch that shit if it helps. Go get yourself some Belgian chocolate to cheer yourself up. 


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