Me me me me me me me and maybe you if I feel like it.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

A new (net?) beginning.

This is the first time i've attempted to create a website on the net, so it might get a bit messy at times, but I'll try and get it right one day, really I will.

I dont know what im going to use this for so it will probably be random as hell, but there will be 3 main topics that ill probably ramble on about, games, football (thats soccer to you yanks), movies and errm shit.

Shit is everything else that isn't football related or games related.

For gaming people (geeks) the gamertag, is you guessed it: mcmonkeyplc. That'll be an xbox live gamertag. You can find me wasting my life away on Rainbow 6 3 ( I wait for 6 9 ) : Black Arrow, PGR 2 and soon on Pro evolution soccer 4 and that opus of shoooters, Halo 2.

That list will probably grow, but those are the games that I play the most on Live.

Right anyway, away from the gaming geekness and towards what other people perceive as another form of geek hood . FOOTBALL!

Like a great monkey once said: "If you can tell how man utd are going to play before a game, then my son, the world is your oyster".

That's right Im a dirty red devil. Since 1991 so silence to those who are muttering glory hunter!

You'll find lots of my views on this once great team, and im hoping, still great team on this hear blog.

Kick things off, If Rooney ( who really is a monkey) doesn't score a shit load of goals then united are finished!

To that thrid topic then, the movies. Contray to popular belief this monkey doesn't just like mind less action and sci-fi movies. I is likeing them all, except for most thrillers cause, well they dont thrill me.

Top 5 movies: 1. The Shawshank Redemption
2. American History X
3. The Matrix ( yeah it's only three)
4. Lord of the things: The poo towers
5. Gandhi

Im also partial to those M. Night, Shymaylan films, like marmite you eithier love it or hate it.

One of my friends (you know who you are!) actually said, : "Nirav, your actually like marmite, people eithier love you or hate you". So if im busy screeching away at you on Live remember that and dont feel bad if you want to rip my head off my shoulders, apparently atleast 50% of people that I know, in the real world want too.

Well thats that, the first proper post on this blog, may be the last, probably not cause I've always got something to say as you Live gamers may find out.

If you read this far, go get yourself a jaffa cake as a reward.