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Sunday, November 30, 2008

The T virus experiment.

After the recent weeks and months of endless drinking and tom foolery I have decided on the unthinkable, becoming "T-total"! For those that don't know, that involves not drinking a drop of alcohol.

I came to this drastic course of action after this Friday's frankly shambolic and fucking retarded drinking exploits involving a cab back from a random club in Morgate, the consumption of copious amounts of beer, mainly Hoegarden, all culminating to the climax of losing my wallet, which contained £50, whilst riding a cab home.

Now I've been off my face more times than your average porn star tests for HIV and have never managed to lose my entire wallet. Yes I have lost the credit card here, the debit card there but never both at the same time and everything else in wallet! This is a first and something I never want to experience again. To top this mind blowingly retarded moment off I also had the hangover from hell, for the second time in 2 weeks which rendered me more useless than normal for most of Saturday...again!

This might all be a case of getting old, but fuck that, why would turning a year older magically make you 10 times more retarded and make your hangovers last 50% longer and stronger than a few months ago?! It shouldn't, so fuck you alcohol and body!

So in protest I have decided to go 1 month ( 30 days) without drinking starting from that retarded night. That means I will not have a drop of alcohol throughout the Christmas season! I am however to keep to my usual social group and social activities, which overwhelmingly involve stupid amounts of booze.

Why? Because I am fed up of having fucking hangovers that almost kill me and more importantly I am fucking pissed off with myself for losing things so often this year whilst pissed. First the N82, then my credit card about 3 times after not losing either of those things ever and now the wallet. Lastly and rather sinisterly I want to see how this effects my social life and interaction with friends. Seeing as I normally only see them when drink is involved there should be quite a change. I have no idea if it's going to be positive or not. Lets just say do they actually like me or do they just like pissed me? The answer to that will be very interesting.

On today's performance, after watching the Manchester derby and London (North/south) derby's with the usual folk in the usual pub, it all seemed to run smoothly apart from the odd joke about being date raped for not drinking and me having severely limited funds due to the lack of the aforementioned wallet. Many of them said I wouldn't last, but those we're the same people that said I couldn't lose all that weight. Perversely that gives me some hope. We shall see.
29 days to go. You may now fuck off, if your reading this at all.

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