Me me me me me me me and maybe you if I feel like it.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Monkey Idol Academy 2006!

This guy should sing My dicks on fire!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Stupid monkey's!

Yes thats what I'd look like if I was really big and was dating a funny looking kate bekinsale indian hybrid type thing. That was Bills doing. Found some guys website whose name also
happend to be Nirav Patel. This guy though seems to be happy about getting married to a minger and so we decided to put things right in monkey's world! Yes we have too much time on our hands.

The reason for that as im sure you all know by now is that my ex employers, from now on called fuckwitplc, decided that I should "find somthing else" cause apparently I made a serious mistake. Bullshit blah blah insued and I quit when they said that. Was a shit job anyway.

Back to having too much time on my and bill created a little rap tune late last year:

Yo yo, Mah name is benis and i aint no liar,

Ten years ago i might have been in the choir,

At this moment my groin looks dire,

Shit man, my dicks on fire!

Dick out quick for the lick,

Whores be loving mah thick prick,

Chicks be shitting a brick when they see mah prick,

Mah dicks too damn slick for these chicks.

I'm just another motherfucker with a bitch,

Selling drugs dont get me rich,

If That ho' dont suck then i got to tie 'er on a Colorado fir

She best suck mah dick til there be a Safire fire!

This fire be one to admire

That ho gonna make me perspire

Like that time in the shire

Yeah man, mah dicks on fire!

Mah dick be a devils walking stick,

That fire aspires to inspire

Shit I must admit my dicks a conquering stick

Yeah yeah my dick,….yeah its on fire

Those dicks that don’t be sick

Be taking a free kick against they own prick

Pricks need lovin like any hick need lovin

Prick you better be slick with your dick!
Any one want to sing that?! Oh you might want some music too. Just remember it was created here! I might be heading to Valencia next month to see the JoEvan so you might get a better update then. In the mean time im a jobseeker (not unemployed officialy)

I'll leave you with the future album for Inter continental dick convertor!