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Friday, February 18, 2005

New year, New dawn? Why?

So 2004 has gone and now were half a decade into to the new century, all ready!

Since my last post in september an amazing 2 people have seen this site, thats probably the same number of fans wimbeldon FC have, mainly cause they dont exist any more.

Anyway alot has happened in the life of this monkey...yes including the continuing development of baldness. First off I am a student again, this time at the London School of Economics doing an Msc in European social policy or as it should be known: European no social policy. I really only enroled, a) because its at LSE and b) To balance out my capitalist views with some social views so that maybe I can try and be nice to some people one day.
What else have I done of note? Oh yeah, I've been to the land of the rising holy shit (India). My god is that place getting more and more like the US every time I go there. Rich areas surrounded by poor areas and enough inquality to make you feel ashamed that you cant finish a meal in a restaurant. Problem is though I hated it while I was there, the enivitable happened when I got back to good old Blightly , I wanted to go back! Back to the pollution, back to the overcrowded, over populated smelly place of my origin but not my birth.

I'll talk about that more later , maybe, but back to the subject(s) of this blog: Football , Movies, Games and Books (yes thats new).

Starting off with football(not kicking).

What a freak of a season Man Utd have! We started off worse than I ever thought man utd could get in such a short period of time. I was sure that we had fallen, sure that we were the next "liverpool"(we still may be) but no. Fergie and the lads have done it again, not quite to the finish (probably) that we may hope for but a far better finish than we could have hoped for.
What am I yapping about? The fact that United are now second in the league and 9 points adrift of the seemingly indestructable Chelsea. After that start I had feared mid table at best. I was being, and still am, by my friends at the start of the season. Now they all have nothing but praise for how that psycho manager of ours has somehow turned a team of loosers into winners. Although much of the reasoning could be due the signing of Rooney and the return of fitness of our major players. For a time however, even when the big names were back the team STILL did not perform. Something happened towards the end of the year and now we are the form team of the premier league, our crowning achievment: a 4-2 VICTORY AT HIGHBURY!!!!!! Amazing simply amazing! Now the season seems to be going down the pan with a 0-1 defeat to AC milan in the first leg in the second round of the champions league( convoluted round name) and a draw with crystal palace away. The premier league is a distant dream, the champions league is also looking like a distant dream. The only competition we seem to have a hope in winning now seems to be the FA cup.
Yes I am pesimistic but really this united teams deserves better after the injury list and shit from the press they put up with at the start of the season. I suppose coming second this season will do, but its the first season since the premier league began that we have failed to win the premier league the second time of asking. Chelsea deserve it in all honesty. They are so much more gracious than Arsenal ever were.

On the games front now. Halo2, WOW is all I can say. Great game! The single player mode could be a bit better but the Mulitplayer live mode makes up for it spades! Its what we all dreamed of. Halo with net play....only possibly better. Its only in recent months that some god damn fucking cheating scumbags have spoiled it, taking advantage of weakness in the code that bungie did not for see. Soon though they'll be sucking on satans genitals as the great ones at bungie are creating a fix for all the problems at once.
One of my friends pointed out the percieved idiocy that Bungie (forgive the lack of capital letters, im wirtting this at 12 am) are releasing all fixes at once where as other developers release the fixes as soon as there, well fixed. The reason I guess Bungie decided on this policy is that they wanted to destroy all cheats at once giving a clear message that cheats will not get away with anything in Halo2. I for one dont doubt them, but that could be due to geeky loyalty. New games that interest me are Unreal championship 2, Brothers in arms and Splinter cell: choas theory. Cant say much about Brothers in arms cause I haven't played it, but it looks sweet (think FSW in WW2). After playing on the UC2 demo im impressed. Epic, the developers, have taken a huge risk that seems to have payed off. The mellee mode works incrediably well in the game engine. The transition from first to third person is seem less and best of all it looks so cool. Matrixes in fact! As for Splinter cell the graphics actually made my jaw drop...although i did get bored after about 30 mins game time and decided to go back to UC2. In all both look like great games for microsofts soon to be replaced console.

Movies and books coming soon.....basically cause there aren't any movies I've seen yet that are worthy of a post and im still going through one of the books.

No one reads this so it doesn't matter. Enjoy your life, your gonna die soon enough so dont let new years be the only time you party! (terrible?)