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Monday, October 31, 2005

Enter the monkey! (then exit)

September and October have gone by and still no post by the fat skinny one! No worries mate, its time for another update in the life of Cuntface Mcguire!

September bascially involved looking endlessly for a job and man utd being as shit as a squirel is at sex with a human female. Oh and I finished my huge arse dissertation that clocked in at 10,000 words. The use of this emense waste of paper? I have no fucking idea. Some person in the National Audit office print room had to print out 2 copies and bind it. He or she got payed for it I assume. So maybe it helped feed someone for the night. Other than that it may just maybe help me get a pass mark in my masters, which by the way I am still waiting on. Supposedly it will be by the end of this week, the first week of November. A full 13 months after I started the piece of shit course.

What have I done since? Data entry at Merrill lynch with the ever so excellent security checks they have (cant say anymore, security/ confidentialialty contract blah blah blah). The people in the basement, where I worked (yeah I have now lived and worked in a basement, maybe i'll die and give birth in one), are all mad. Made the brain melting data entry bareable, basically cause they were so god damned funny. Paul someone in particular. I just finished working there today because errrr I enterered all the data and got the system up to date making myself useless. Yes thats right people, I worked my self out of a job! I think theres something wrong with that, might have some adverse effect on the productivity of temporary workers. Thats probably why they just told me the role was "ongoing" instead of saying "Once you've cleared our backlog, you can piss off!" I suppose I got enough money to keep the vultures at HSBC at bay and once the greedy tax bastards give me back my money. Anyway got another month of experience (only another 23 months of expereince needed before I can think about applying to any non-graduate/shit job). Get good grades at school they told me, get good a-levels they told me, get a good degree they told me, get a masters they told me. BULLSHIT! I just spent a month working people that went straight into work after school. They earn enough, about what we graduates are looking to earn. What the fuck is the point of a degree. Prbobably to keep down the unemployment rate down.

Am I pissed off, maybe. How about you go fuck yourself to find out?