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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Fuck off cunts!

Hello! I remember this. It's not facebook!

Still alive, still gay, I mean single. Now in the world of procurement for a large Indian Company. Yes I work for an Indian company. I can honestly say I never expected that happen.

Well, technically they bought the company I work for, so they bought me, because I'm worth it.

I've also been to Australia twice, last year for 2 months, and this year for 2.5 weeks. Doing my bit to warm up global warming. Yes it was awesome both times, but if you didn't know that you obviously dont know me and your stalking me! Do yourself a favour Mr stalker go after someone worthwhile. Bill and Jules were the main reason I ventured to the ends of the world. Jules is now back as of this Wednesday. Bill has acquired sponsorship and I will probably never see him again. I can now relentlessly pursue his sister!

Furthur developments on the friendosphere include Mr Nasibitt getting an Internship at UBS in New york. So he's going to fucking loaded. This means the old school group is running low on numbers! Never fear expansions ahoy. Evan, Jim and Monica have all moved to London now. Just like I said they should.

Had a party at mine last week, very good and annoying(for me). Proves I need my own place so I can throw those more often. In the current climate probably not a good idea. So instead im wasting my money on a new car. The new Honda Civic. I test drove it and fell in love with it. Well actually thats a lie I rode in Oz's R-type in January and I feel in love with that. Think starship Enterprise in a car! Yes! Get in.

I cant be fucked to write anymore. Fuck off.