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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The UK’s all high ruler, Govnor Gordo has today insisted that countries refrain from using protectionist measures for their puny dying economies or else.

Speaking after talks with the newly named International Mother Fuckers chairman Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhn, Govnor Gordo said, “ If you little fucking cunts dare put up trade barriers, we’ll fuck you up worse than Afghanistan on a good day”! The threat has new weight carried behind it by the news that Jesus action figure Obama will be sending 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan in a bid to stimulate the US employment market.

Govnor Gordo, insists this new policy of forced openness will prevent a global depression such as the one in the 1930’s. “Those old cronies didn’t think that they could keep the world economy going at gun point, I’m telling you we can and fucking well will do what I want. If that cock dribbler Tony can, then why cant I?”

Friday, February 13, 2009

Fuck this shit!

The Potato additions inaugural jam session at piefest2009 last weekend. The hightligh of my year so far and obviously it's the hightlight of your year so far too ISN'T IT?! Piefest 2009 was attended by all regular members of the Violent Desire/Forged Alliance/whatever the fuck we are called now, group of friends. I am obviously am the one taking the video so I'm not actually involved in the music creation or the reading of graphical novel going on. I also lack a key skill to be involved, no not reading, the musical skill. I'm working on it. It takes time!

Another inauguration that occured this year was that of Jesus, AKA Barak Obama. Probably THE most significant POSITIVE event of my life. That's quite important in it's self.

Take a look at the past 26 years of this miserable little planets history. You will find, 1 major war that Britain fought alone (The Falklands), 2 Gulf wars, 1 Baltic war, mass genocide in Africa, famine in Africa, the election of the thickest president of all time, the largest terrorist attack ever, the first suicide bombing in the UK by a "British" citizen...I dont need to go on. Surficed to say it's been a shitty lifetime. Sure we've had an economic boom for 18 years of that (now in bust mode) but what's the use of that when I've only been economically active for only 3 years?

So, the election of the first black president is quite important, not even because of this race. The fact that he is an ethnic minority and he can climb to the highest post in his country is reason for hope alone. However the man didn't pin his election of that, you know what it was, unless your an Alien, in which case, what the fuck are you doing reading this, you need wikipedia not the ramblings of a fool, it was hope and change. In a century when hope has dwindled for many and fear is ever present, hope is a powerful tool. So easily could he have gone the route of fear, but he did not and that is what sets him aside, he knows what that people want. Change and hope for all. He said it in his Inauguration speech: "America is ready to lead again". About fucking time! I liken this to the bit in hollywood films where the good guy gets fed up of getting beaten shit less and goes on a rampage of sorting some shit out. We've all been fooled by politicians before and Obama is a politician so the jury is out on him now. Can he bring the change and hope we all crave or is this yet another false dawn. Will the Chinese just end up ruling the world. Interesting times.

Life still sucks, and you just wasted your time reading my shit. HA HA! Go fuck yourself now.

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