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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

This is the new shit!

Yes that's right folk, this is the new shit...or new year, yeah feels exactly the same as the last year. That picture up there (yeah I know its shit, but it's from a phone) is where I was when the clock struck 12:00 or 0:00 depending on how retarded you are, I prefer the later, whether that means I'm more retarded than you I'll leave you to decide.
That person on the left is Claire, the only reader of this here blog and the person responsible for me updating with this post.

So what have I been up to since the last post? Well the day after I posted I went back to work. Yup those folk are as thick is pig shit, just like me for doing all the work so fast in the first place. Anyway I'm not work at the big ML anymore now I'm working at the smaller EM other wise known as Euromoney, it's a medium to large sized business and finance publisher. What the do I mean by that?! Well its got offices around the world and listed on the FTSE 250 but its not as big as Merrill Lynch is it? Bet you certainly haven't heard of it. The job is alright I guess. It's still only weekly paid (read temporary) but it has much more potential for progression. I'm a Market Researcher, no not the cool kind, the shit kind. I find the contacts that marketing and sales go and annoy. It's hard as fuck though and really frustrating at times.

What else....erm man utd sucked again then got better and beat Chelsea in the league, then sucked again. Oh and I got an xbox 360 while watching others cry cause they couldn't find one. Retards didn't think to order from the crapest place in the world, Dixons! Yup they came through but, yeah there's a but. The 360 screwed up 2 days after I got it. I received a replacement within 4 days though, so I forgive them....just!

That last bit probably put Claire to sleep. Oh and Andy look up the 1707 Act of Union might solve the arguments you two have.

For the rest of you here, have some more picture from new years at the Pull and Pump. No I didn't pull or pump anyone. Oh yeah and one last thing for the monothestic religious people.